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Paying for Care

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Paying for Care

At Best Life, we guarantee a flat rate for all hourly based services.

Many of our services are provided on an hourly session basis, including personal care, companionship, Dementia care, end of life care, etc. The hourly rate for these services remains the same regardless of the type of care the client needs.

Rates from other care companies are often dependent on the type of care that is provided to the client. We understand it can be difficult to navigate the different fees associated with various care services. That is why we have a fixed hourly rate for clients to receive the services they rely on.

Clients who have bought into long-term care or homecare insurance may be eligible to receive financial assistance regarding the fees for our services. Our Senior Fitness Sessions may also be eligible for rebates through certain health insurance providers. We will provide all the necessary information needed to apply for home care related rebates at any time.

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